Comedian Ventriloquist Cast


ventriloquist-comedian-headshot-imageWe don’t really like mentioning his name, so we’ll just go with the generic “Ventriloquist.”

To be candid, he’s a waste of skin. We do all the work around here. We’re up late at night working on comedy material, etc. He just sits around and collects the royalties. It’s sick!

Here are some shows that he was present at (he didn’t do much):

Corporate: AAEFS, ABN-Amro, Alcoa, American Red Cross, Christian Singles Conference, Fluke Corporation, Geneva Capital, Investors Group (Canada), Limona Construction (Canada), MPI (Meeting Planners International), Mercy Hospital, Methanex, Nike Securities, North American Missions Board, Renk Seed, Wheaton College, U.S. Army, the list goes on and on…

Venues: Mt. Baker Theatre, Summit Theatre, Drury Lane, U.S. Army,
Bear Creek Country Club, Four Seasons, Grand Ballroom Chicago
Navy Pier, Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Bankers Club of Chicago,
Mill Bay Casino

Television: Evening Magazine (NBC KING 5 Seattle, NBC KGW 8
Portland and Northwest Cable News) in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012

Film: Documentary on Ventriloquism by Miramax Films