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Looking for a Comedy Show that keeps you laughing, but doesn’t make you cringe?

Welcome to, website of Comedian & Ventriloquist Justin Ver Burg.

With his clean comedy show, Justin has kept audiences laughing at

  • Some of the World’s Largest Banks,
  • Winter Olympic Games, &
  • International Ventriloquist Convention (did you know there is such a thing?)

Image of Ventriloquist Crain'sHe is available to bring the laughter and fun to your event!

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Ventriloquist Bio:

It all started when people noticed that Justin naturally spoke without moving his lips.

“When giving a report at school,” says Justin, “students would raise their hand saying, ‘How in the world are you doing that!?'”

Fortunately, life can be full of delightful twists…

Shortly thereafter, he saw a ventriloquist at a New Years Eve party and the light went on.

“I realized my lip problem could be an asset,” recalls Justin.

ventriloquist-comic-luigi-image“Right after that,” he continues, “I wanted a professional ventriloquist figure.”

But he didn’t have enough money…  So what did he do?

Went to the store, bought a block of wood and began carving..

After six months, he had his first partner in comedy – Luigi (pictured).

Joe Gandelman, Editor-in-Chief of The Moderate Voice, says, “I can’t do anything with my hands.. He sits down, and in his first efforts creates a ventriloquist figure that could easily sell. A character that had real pizzazz!  People were blown away.”

After six months of performing his clean comedy act in comedy clubs, Justin received an invitation from The Late Show with David Letterman to come to New York.  “I wasn’t sure how seriously I wanted to take entertainment,” says Justin, “so I never went out there. But I was extremely honored by the invitation.”

He also received a request by National Geographic Channel to be featured in a TV show.  “The money wasn’t very good,” laughs Justin, “so I passed on that opportunity too.”

Justin was featured in Miramax Films’ documentary on the art of ventriloquism.

More recently, Justin has been selected by NBC Universal to star in his own TV show.

His show is clean, meaning it works very well in the corporate and church environment.

He is the recipient of the Shining Star Award by Meeting Professionals International Washington State Chapter.

Recently, he beat out 100 other ventriloquists to be selected by NBC Universal to star in his own show.

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Image of Jeff Dunham VentriloquistComedians who’ve been hired to open for him have appeared on:

The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

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Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

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and Live at Gotham (Comedy Central)

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This story appeared on NBC (SEATTLE) in 2007, 2008, 2011 & 2012.

Narrated by 3x Emmy-Award Winning Journalist Michael King:

Sample of the Show:

It Was Wall To Wall Laughter



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