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Us ventriloquism sidekicks have taken over the site. We’re sick of the Ventriloquist receiving all the attention (and money).

We’ve taken his name out and replaced it with the generic title “Ventriloquist.”


Iamge fo Comedian VentriloquistThe Ventriloquist’s passion to keep audiences laughing — and give them a positive experience that will stay with them the rest of their lives — is what sets him apart.

His non-offensive comedy show includes ventriloquism and song parodies.

It all started when others noticed that he naturally spoke without moving his lips.

“I realized I was a natural ventriloquist. Once I combined that with comedy and singing, I knew I had something,” says Ventriloquist.

Audiences connect with his non-offensive comedy, plus his parodies of classic American songs such as Bob Dylan’s “Blowin in the Wind” and Scott MacKenzie’s “San Francisco.”

He’s kept audiences laughing at some of the world’s largest banks (back when they had money), headlined major theaters and the bath tub.

His ventriloquist figures think he’s a waste of skin. (that’s us)

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Ventriloquist has been featured on NBC (Seattle) TV in 2007, 2008, 2011 & 2012.