Comedian. Ventriloquist.

Photo of LuigiWelcome to my site. I am the world’s smallest stand-up comedian. In my humble opinoin, I’m also the best looking.

Please don’t tell the other comedians I said that, but I’m guessing the ladies would agree too.

In fact, I had to quit using my Hotmail account because chicks would always send messages to:

They couldn’t get it out of their head that “hot” wasn’t referring to me.

So, you’re probably wondering what the show is about:

Basically, there’s this guy named Justin Ver Burg who is a ventriloquist. I think he’s a waste of skin, but one thing he does well is make me talk.

He says that if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t talk. But if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t eat!

Anyway, he thinks he’s super talented. He’s not, but his sidekicks (especially me) are.

There’s about three of us main ones, plus a few extra that make guest appearances depending on the show.

We got tired of sitting around, so we’re putting on a national tour. If only we lived in a small country like Monaco, a national tour would only take one day.

Our first show is at the Hermosa Beach Community Theatre, which is on Pacific Coast Highway and Pier Avenue (if you’re not sure what city it’s in, the name of the theater will give you a hint).

Tickets are $45, but don’t tell the ventriloquist I’m doing this.. Type in the secret code “Luigi22” before August 26 (the show’s on the 29th), it’ll knock $17 off per ticket.

It’ll cut into the ventriloquist’s profits, but it won’t effect me at all.

You can thank me by laughing at my jokes (and not laughing when the ventriloquist goes in for a laugh).



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