“Better Than Ventriloquist Who Just Won American’s Got Talent..”

Tina F., Audience Member

He’s been asked by The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) to come to New York..

Is the only person in his college’s 165 year history to get paid to perform in its talent show..

And has entertained at Winter Olympic Games (yes, it was cold)!

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Image of reviews hire ventriloquist

It was wall-to-wall laughter.

Rick Faber, President, Faber Construction, Inc.

The crowd loved it!

Jan Morrel, Firs Conference Center

Incredible! As good or better than anyone I see on Comedy Central.

Lisa M., Audience Member

You’re better than the ventriloquist who just won america’s got talent.

Tina F., Audience Member

Our patrons really enjoyed your show.

Mark Bacon, Mill Bay Casino

You’ve got the talent, the voice, the personality.. Go big with it!

Chuck R., Audience Member

We’ve hired entertainers from across North America, but yours is the best we’ve ever had! People keep saying “bring him back next year.”

Jack DeBruyn,
Christian Singles Conference

Very, very well done!

Bruce Aitken, President & CEO, Methanex Corporation

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justin-ventriloquist-sm-imageHe got teased in high school for (naturally) not moving his lips when he talked. So he became a ventriloquist.

"I wasn't getting much acceptance at school. But I found that creating things with my hands made me feel better."

“I wasn’t getting much acceptance at school, but found that carving was therapeutic. Classmates went from making fun of me…to asking for my autograph.”

At age 15, he carved a dummy out of a block of bass wood – thinking he’d throw it away because he didn’t know how to carve.
His efforts (six months of carving and adding moving mouth, eyes and eyebrows) paid off! That character, Luigi, is a major part of the show to this day!


Luigi has never had a productive day – by choice! His ability to get what he wants – without working – has you laughing.


From a tiny island in Scotland, his perspective on American life is nothing short of bizarre.


He’s torn between loving the freedoms that come with singlehood, and wanting a wife. At age 68, it’s time he decides!


She spends nearly 14 hours a day on social media. No exaggeration! Now her head won’t stop shaking.


Alli is an alligator, but was raised in a typical American home as a person (that’s a crazy story in itself!).


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