Where Can I Find a Teen Friendly Comedian?

Look no further, Justin Milan at FunnyDummy.com is considered to be one of top in world. He connects with the teens in a way that others probably won’t. Also, his comedy material is funny, but not dirty.

Image of Justin Milan Teen Comedian

A comedian that gets the kids laughing!

You and the other parents will not cringe at the topics and subject matter. On the contrary, you’ll most likely laugh hysterically.

Justin got his start in comedy by flipping on his bike on college campus – on purpose. He’d make sure someone unsuspecting was watching, and he’d flip over the handle bars. He didn’t realize he was developing the respect and laughs of his peers who were, unknown to him, observing from a distance.

Although this is when he believes he got his comedy start, his high school friends would content that he got started as a high school teen. They have many stories of his antics that almost got him in to trouble many a times. Nothing too serious, just teachers getting upset that he was cracking so many jokes at an all high-school assembly. He was ASB (Associated Student Body) Vice President, and the President was out of town.

Therefore, he had to officiate the all school gathering. It was his first and last time.

Something that many people are blown away at is his ventriloquism skills. He was in Belly Talkers, and documentary on ventriloquism by Miramax Films. Also in the film were Jeff Dunham and Shari Lewis of ‘Lamb Chops‘ fame.

Additionally, NBC Universal set out to produce a reality television show with three ventriloquists as their star. After looking at over 100 in a national search, they changed the show concept to only focus on one ventriloquist – the life of Justin Milan. The TV show is currently “on hold” with NBC Universal, but he’s contractually free to pursue other similar projects in the meantime if they arise. He has his sights on the Nickelodeon network or Fox because both of those outlets would provide an opportunity to make kids laugh.