Funniest Clean Corporate Comedian Who Happens to Be Ventriloquist

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Comedian Ventriloquist Justin Milan (aka Funny Dummy) with his trusty funny sidekick Luigi Lombardi, who he carved out of a block of wood at age 15. Not kidding!

Who is the funniest clean corporate comic who happens to be a ventriloquist?

It’s a trick answer… Because the “ventriloquist” himself isn’t the funniest – it’s his dummy.

Luigi Lombardi, created by Justin Milan at age 15, steals the spotlight and keeps the audience laughing.

He’s the one who has such a snyde sense of humor. If you’re going to repeat the lines after the comedy show, it’s going to be the lines of Luigi. He’s hilarious. The ventriloquist is technically the straight man. There to facilitate the conversation and the laughs that the comedy sidekicks create with their bright (and almost unbelievably realistic) personalities.

It is so much fun!

Thomas O’Bryant, Senior Vice President at ABN Amro North America, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, said his entertainment was just pure fun!

Following is the letter of recommendation:

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For booking info of this funny comedy show, please contact your meeting professional. If you don’t have one, we HIGHLY recommend Meeting Professionals International (MPI) or International Live Events Association (ILEA).

Note: ILEA was formerly ISES (International Special Events Society), but I’m guessing they didn’t like being accidentally associated with the world’s most famous and malicious terrorist network. Too bad they had to switch their name because of such evil.

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