Corporate Comedian Inspired by Comedy of Chevy Chase

Image of Chevy Chase the Comedian from SNLComedian Ventriloquist Justin Ver Burg, who also is a Corporate Comedian, was greatly inspired by Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase was the king of the silver screen, at least in the realm of comedy, when he was growing up. Whether it was reruns of the first season of Saturday Night Live, Funny Farm, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or Summer Vacation, he kept Justin Ver Burg inspired and busting up with laughter.

Oftentimes comedians and all artists for that matter are inspired by some other entertainers or artists. Comedian Steve Martin was

Lots of times comedians are inspired by other comedians. Like there are many comedians who were inspired by Richard Pryor. In fact, I believe Eddie Murphy gained most of his inspiration from comedian Richard Pryor. Bill Cosby was also that same era.

If you compare their material, they were both hilarious! Richard Pryor chose to integrate profanity into his act, wild Bill Cosby chose to go the high road and use language that even children could listen to. Both games great sexcess in the world of comedy. Bill Cosby is still at it today, going to theaters I trust the nation.
Justin Ver Burg can be seen at many civic theaters accross the U.S. in his new comedy tour >>


Chevy Chase photo by Alan Light

Chevy Chase