Corporate Entertainer in Los Angeles

Meeting Professionals International is one of the best organizations to join if you’re a meeting planner, event Image of Los Angeles Corporate Comediancoordinator, etc.  I’m a Corporate Entertainer, and have found membership to be so beneficial because I can connect with meeting professionals who are on the cusp of the latest trends and technology in the industry.

Interestingly, because there are so many people in Southern California, there are three MPI chapters just in this area.  I haven’t spoken with other comedian / ventriloquist’s, corporate event entertainment specialists, etc. to find out which is the best Chapter to join (you can actually join more than one at a time, you just have to pay extra beyond the standard MPI membership dues).

Here are the three that I know of, and I’d imagine San Francisco Bay Area Entertainers also have a local chapter:

MPI Southern California Chapter (MPISCC)

MPI Orange County Chapter (MPIOC)

San Diego MPI (SDMPI)

I highly recommend at least attending a monthly educational meeting, if nothing else.

I also know firsthand that the MPIWSC (Washington State) is strong, because I was personally a member when I lived in the Seattle area.

If you’re on the lookout for strong corporate entertainment that gets everyone laughing, I’d appreciate you considering my corporate comedy.

Please let me know your comments below.  Thanks!  (-:


image by Mysid